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Stable Diffusion Image-to-Image Animation Generator


Welcome to the Stable Diffusion Image-to-Image Generator – a powerful tool that lets you unleash your creativity by re-imagining and transforming GIFs or series of images. This application leverages stable diffusion to provide a unique and fascinating approach to image generation.


  • Easy Import: Simply drag and drop your GIF or series of images into the app.
  • Frame Generation: Generate individual frames or transform the entire animation with ease.
  • Re-theme and Redraw: Explore new possibilities by re-theming or completely redrawing your animations and textures.
  • Export Options: Export individual frames to use in other projects or share your creations.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows: Compatible with Windows operating systems.
  • Linux: Enjoy seamless functionality on Linux distributions.
  • Mac: Experience the power of stable diffusion on your Mac system.

How to Use

  1. Import: Drag and drop your GIF or series of images onto the app.
  2. Generate Frames: Choose to generate individual frames or transform the entire animation.
  3. Export: Export your creations as individual frames for use in other projects.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Left/Right Arrow: Previous/Next Frame
  • Space: Play/Pause Animation
  • Ctrl + R: Show the reset panel

History Section

At the top of the screen, you'll find a history section that updates whenever you generate a new image. The images can then be selected or deleted as the user pleases.

Unleash the power of stable diffusion and redefine your images with this innovative generator. Download now and let your imagination run wild!


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Version 5
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Version 5
swifty-animator-windows.zip 27 MB
Version 5

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